LJ FREZZA creates videos and other works from appropriated materials in order to explore the effects of mediation on personal and collective experience. In his work, he frequently employs techniques of compilation to create systematic investigations of overlooked elements in film, television, and interactive media. He is the co-founder and organizer of the BASEMENT Media Festival, and is currently pursuing his MFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago

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State of Emergence


Golden Eye

Boldly Going

Nuke 'Em, Duke


Images of Nothing

Trailer for State of Emergence (2014) / Digital Video / 59:00

Above is a trailer for a feature-length video made in collaboration with the Anti-Banality Union. In their own words:

"State of Emergence is a zombie movie without zombies.

Society asks: Who is the enemy? From where does he attack? How do we distinguish him from one of our own, and how do we immunize ourselves against him?

But it's too late for these questions. The illness that society feels victimized by has metastasized to an irreversible degree. It can't be cured with surgery, heavy medication, or even wholesale amputation. Stability at all costs! No life-support machine is too expensive! But the virus is becoming stronger than its host, and its hostility is irrepressible."


Nothing (2014) / Digital Video / 06:30

Every shot from Seinfeld (1989-1998) where nothing happens. A video about walls and a response to everyone I met in New York who said they'd love the city if only there weren't so many people in it.


Images of Nothing (2014) / Blog / imagesofnothing.tumblr.com

A Tumblr blog that exists to exhibit still images created during the editing process of Nothing (2014). A screenshot series highlighting single frames of Seinfeld (1989-1998) where there is no human presence.


Golden Eye (2013) / Digital Video / 06:00

Surveillance is the collection of data and propaganda is the dissemination of data. "Goldeneye" was the name of Ian Fleming’s Jamaican estate. It was also the name of a military surveillance operation developed by Fleming while he was a naval intelligence officer. This is an abridged history of surveillance in the 20th Century, every James Bond movie released before the "War on Terror."


Boldly Going (2010) / Digital Video / 04:00

Captain James T. Kirk made a career of foreign interventionism, despite Star Fleet’s Prime Directive that there can be no interference with the “development of alien life and culture.” This is a compilation of every fight scene featuring Captain Kirk in Star Trek (1966-1969).


Nuke 'Em, Duke (2010) / Digital Video / 04:00

The Conqueror (1956) starred John Wayne as Genghis Khan. Principal photography took place downwind from a nuclear testing site and close to half the cast & crew subsequently developed cancer, including "The Duke" himself. This is a look at “conquest” in past and present media, fiction and nonfiction, and its “compression” into a consumable form.